Putting Patients First

For CRNAs, our patients are always the first priority.

 That's why the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AZANA) is focused on developing teams that make the highest quality of anesthesia care cost-effective and accessible.  

Building Healthcare Leaders

CRNAs from across the state with diverse styles and interests contribute to AZANA's mission. 

Advancing Anesthesia Care

If you're a CRNA who is passionate about anesthesia education and clinical practice, you're in the right place.  

Advocating for CRNAs

One group stands up for Arizona CRNAs - AZANA. 

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Partner with Us

Our partners enjoy the highest level of visibility among AZANA members.

For businesses large and small, AZANA offers exposure to decision-making professionals with over $100M in purchasing ability.


Need Help? We're Here.

Read more about Peer Assistance & Wellness.


New to CRNAs?  

Let us help. CRNAs are full-service, independent anesthesia professionals who practice in all settings and take care of a diverse range of patients. 


Getting the Word Out  

Public Relations?  That's what we do.  

The Arizona Republic.  The Arizona Capitol Times.  The Washington Times.  Facebook.  Twitter.  The Hill.  

We make it our job to make sure the right people know about the outstanding services of CRNAs.  


Thank you to our sponsors!