Need Help? We're Here.

For immediate assistance, please call the AANA Peer Assistance Helpline:
(800) 654-5167

Available 24/7.

What is a State Peer Advisor (SPA)?

State Peer Advisors (SPAs) are CRNA volunteers appointed by the AANA to provide helpful support and information to the CRNA/SRNA in need of assistance for a substance use disorder (SUD).

Peer assistance is described as being available to listen and compassionately assist another with a particular need, usually based on their similar personal experience. 

Arizona State Peer Advisor

Bridget Petrillo, MS, CRNA
Phoenix, AZ
p: 203-996-1322

Headshot Bridget Petrillo.jpg

Wellness Committee Chair

Blaire Zamboni, MNA, CRNA
Phoenix, AZ


Blaire has been practicing anesthesia in Arizona since 2012. She currently practices at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix and serves in the U.S. Army Reserves (CPT). 

If you have questions about the Wellness Committee, critical incident stress debriefing, or resources for anesthesia providers in need of professional counseling referrals please contact her via e-mail.